We dance at the Chehalem Community Center in Newberg at the corner of Howard and 2nd Street.

Newberg is NOT at the end of the world! According to Google, our community center is 31 minutes from Hillsboro, and only 16 minutes if you live in Sherwood.

We are a Mainstream and Plus club. We are dedicated to creating the best possible dances in this area.

Our Caller and Cuer

Randy Dibble



Randy Dibble is a national caller

who has been calling for over 40

years. We are lucky to have him

here in Newberg. He also calls for

the Salem Swinging Stars,

CheckMates, and Mix N Mingle.

He can call at any level from

Mainstream through C3.


Of course, his capability to teach

Square Dancing is amazing. Once

you learn from Randy, you’ll be

able to dance anywhere!

Leonard Snodgrass


We are pleased to have a cuer of

Leonard’s capability to help raise

the round dancing level of our


No matter if it’s the traditional

Waltz or Two Step that you’re

looking for, or more advanced

steps like Jive or Foxtrot, Leonard

is the one. He cues to the floor,

but will gladly accept requests.