September lessons are closed now, but if you want to be on the list for next time, please contact newbergdancers @ Also, Advanced lessons are continuing and if you have previous training, you can join us at the option of the caller.


If you’re wondering how to convince your husband or partner to square dance:
1) It’s fun. If you go to a square dance, you’ll never see anyone who is not having a blast.
2) Good exercise. It’s at least as good as walking for a couple of hours.
3) Make new friends. We (the authors of this page) recently went to a square dancing friend’s wedding in Bend. Saw several other square dancing friends there and planned a camping trip with them.
4) It’s healthy. You could guess that from the first 3. But don’t believe me. Google “health benefits of Square Dancing.” You’ll live longer!

If your husband still objects, tell him that he gets to dance with all the women at the dance, with your blessing! If he says he is too uncoordinated, we say he can do it if he can walk and shake hands at the same time. Some of us can even chew gum while dancing, although we never would because it interferes with the wide smiles on our faces 🙂

We also have round dance lessons starting in September. We are finishing beginning waltz and will be starting Cha, or perhaps intermediate Waltz. Email newbergdancers @ for details.